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Frequently Asked Questions about the company and its services including music supervision, music licensing, and an array of music services tailored for Film, TV, Nollywood productions, Reality Shows, Mobile and web Application, Games, New Media, and any project requiring exceptional music talent or musical works

What services does Spring Sound offer?

Spring Sound Ltd provides comprehensive music supervision, music licensing, and various music services for Film, TV, Nollywood productions, Reality Shows, Games, New Media, and other projects requiring exceptional music talent or musical works.

How does Spring Sound handle music clearance?

We have a CRM database of all the Music owners (Labels and Publishers inclusive) and their representatives, once we are aligned on the commercial terms to be negotiated we process to provide all deliverables needed, and we provide a long-form agreement.

When do yo guys come onboard on a project?

We can come onboard anytime between development stage to post production stage. However, we prefer coming onboard at the development stage so we can create a perfect structure for Music IP usage and advise on best practices. For Example Song usage for on-screen/On camera performances can always be flagged as early as possible if it won't work with the existing budget framework as opposed to it being flagged in post production when it will be late.

What happens during the Development phase of music supervision?

During the Development phase, we receive and review the script, create a detailed music breakdown, and evaluate the creative music requirements along with the final budget. This initial stage is crucial for setting the foundation of the music strategy for the project.

How does the development phase differ from Pre Production Phase

In the Pre-Production phase, we align the music creative with the project budget, plan for any music artist cameo appearances, support any pre-record requirements, and collate and approve temporary usages. This phase ensures that all music elements are strategically planned before production begins.

Do we need your team on set during production?

Most of our activities at the production stage are usually behind the scenes from facilitating advance payments to artists and producers, beginning music recording sessions etc. However, we have at least a member of the team on set to ensure we manage logistics for music talent involved in onscreen performances to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes coordinating travel, accommodations, and any other needs the talent may have to perform effectively in alignment with the production team.

What tasks are handled during Post-Production

During Post-Production , we coordinate music spotting to identify where music will be placed in the project, clear & license music with the team to secure necessary permissions, and deliver cue sheets. This phase ensures that all music elements are legally and creatively finalized without any loop holes.

Can the music supervision process change depending on the project?

Yes, the music supervision process can vary depending on the specific requirements of each project. We tailor our approach to meet every client and project's unique needs and goals.

How does Spring Sound Ltd handle project management?

Our team handles every facet of music within a project, including initial development, artist/musician selection, contract management, and tracking post-performance deliverables. This ensures a seamless and efficient process that aligns perfectly with the project’s vision and objectives.

How can I contact Spring Sound Ltd for their services?

Does Spring Sound Ltd offer Music Publishing or Sync Representation/Agency services?

No we do not offer such services.

Does Spring Sound Ltd receive Music Submission?

Yes, but due to the large volume of submissions in our pipeline we restrict music submissions/pitches to labels, publishers, and Distributors only.

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